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Transgender man gives birth to a son



A transgender Oregon man is overjoyed after giving birth to his first biological child this month.  Trystan Reese, 34, was born a girl — but despite beginning hormone therapy a decade ago, he has kept his ‘original parts’, enabling him to get pregnant.

Now, after experiencing the heartbreak of a miscarriage last year, he and his husband Biff Chaplow have finally welcomed their first biological child into the world, a baby boy named Leo. The Portland couple shared their elation over the news with several news outlets, with Trystan telling WGN9 he was ‘overjoyed’ and ‘elated’. ‘The moment he was born was just like a pure moment of bliss, like the happiest moment of my life,’ his husband Biff added.

Source: Transgender man gives birth to a son

I find it odd that people in today’s culture don’t seem to see this as being very strange indeed. Honestly it’s a bit concerning that it has evolved to a socially exceptable norm for some individuals to play out the persona of being something they are not.

Transgender people certainly have a hard way to go, while today’s culture among mostly millennial’s  and the younger generation is one that’s more inclusive and excepting of this identity disorder the majority of people still do not acknowledge all of these gender identity theories and practices.

Even many in the medical field, businesses and other outlets are being forced to play along with these people and start calling them “Him or Her” based on what they want to be called when they simply aren’t.

Does anyone not understand the oddity of this when someone say’s “HE gave birth to his first child?” It’s a ludicrous statement that clearly indicates something isn’t quite right with either one, the transgendered person or the person making the statement.

Folks there are only three biological “real” genders and they aren’t interchangeable. They are what we were born as, and that’s just the way it is. The rest are individuals that are experiencing identity crisis and they don’t know how what to do about it so, they just give in and try to portray themselves in the manner their minds have pictured them.

It’s a very sad thing really as depression wreaks havoc among this community of people with many times dire consequences. The rest of society at least in part have tried to offset this negative effect among Transgenders by inclusion or social acceptance, why? because we don’t know any other way to go about it and make a positive impact for them.

I know none of us want to see these people suffer and certainly do not want them to feel they aren’t important because they are, so how do we get them and us to realize they are, when many of us don’t agree with all the LGBTQ agenda’s?

This question has no easy answers and it has been going on for a long time. It’s only that in today’s society that it has been pushed to the forefront more often mainly because of social media and activists groups pushing the agendas.

We have so many weird things going on in the world today that frankly many of us find extremely uncomfortable and somehow hopefully, we will all find a way to muttle through it without doing harm to each other.

As far as this story goes, I see a woman, not a man having a child, that’s just not somewhere I, as a man, am willing to go. It also reminds us that the barriers that separate us many times are not only from what goes on outside of our own cognitive thinking, but also from within.