Southern Heritage continues to be targeted by radicals

This flag is for heritage, not hate

The confederate flag and the movement by many to have it banned everywhere is perhaps one of the most controversial topics of the times. Unfortunately in today’s America we are continuing to see a trend not only from Liberal groups, the BLM and many others,  even some of our court systems seem eager to destroy Southern American Heritage at every turn.

Proudly displayed by Confederate troops during the Civil War as their official battle flag, it still even today has long been on display by Southerners as a symbol of Southern Heritage, a statement by individuals that says they are “proud to be Southern born, Southern bred.”

But for some, it stands for something else, a symbolic representation and a constant reminder of a time when slavery was alive and flourishing in our country. If you are among those of us that like to display the flag, many of these people see you and I as a supporter of black American slavery and nothing else. These people are closed minded and as such are unwilling to acknowledge our viewpoints where the battle flag is concerned.

I think a more realistic view of this type of thought is the simple fact that for everything someone sees as a symbol of any kind, the symbol means to them what they want it mean, and many times, what a specific group of people want it to mean. Those that like our people to be in turmoil will fabricate a construct in order to further their agenda.

My point being, the Confederate flag is after all ” a piece of cloth” and as such, is inanimate and is a “thing” not a entity emulating some sort of emotion.

You could take a group of say 5 people and ask each of them what the flag means, and they all could respond differently, or they all could respond the same and it all depends on one simple thing, and that’s how that person sees the object.

And as it is for all things such as the flag being the focal point of this post, it simply means to each of us what we want it to, as a Southerner, I see it as a symbol of being well, Southern and all it represents to me is the fact that I live and work in the South and am a part of it and the flag just says proud to be Southern.

I don’t think I ever thought about the confederate flag and slavery at the same time and until some idiot used it in a photo of himself just before heinously murdering several black folks while in their house of worship did it actually come under extreme attack by radicals and targeted as another opportunity to further their agenda to wipe out a part of the American culture and history.

The flag itself is not symbol of hate or racism but rather the acts of racist people, irresponsibly using the flag during their despicable acts that has driven an association between the flag and hate by certain individuals or groups.

Even more troubling is the fact that not only has the Confederate flag come under fire, but now radical leftism has included the US flag in it’s pitiful agenda, claiming it to be a symbol of oppression.

In the video example above, you will see a prime example of how ridiculous these peoples mentalities are. Everyone has rights under the US constitution but they certainly don’t display themselves here as the ideal American citizen and the enormous amount of chaos in the video is so incomprehensible, it’s very evident as to why there is very little cohesion between people with different viewpoints.

It’s really heartbreaking to see people acting in this manner on both sides of the fence. Liberals screaming I cant breath means nothing, it’s just a chant that has no meaning to others.

It isn’t communicating sensible view points, so why scream it at them. Nobody is doing anything to them and yet they act as though we are still in the days of slavery which granted, was a dark and unpopular part of our history.

Honestly for most blacks doing all of this protesting, their own worst enemy is usually themselves and whites taking part in the protest screaming at other whites about their “white privileges” is absurd.

These people have no pride in being Americans, nor do they have any respect for the country or other people, demonstrated and acknowledged by their burning of the US flag (someone else’s property by the way)  and they never demonstrate respectively.

They just want to be loud, they want free money in the form of reparations and they want the government to provide them everything for free, why? well because they believe since black people were used as slaves by some until 1880 when it was abolished that it’s owed to them by the white race.

And these people today, some 152 plus years after slavery ended think they should live here free, not work, not contribute and whine about everything and it should be given to them.

Its also ludicrous at the number of white people involved with these groups, calling other whites “cracker” believing groups like the BLM really care about them and their involvement with them.The BLM simply uses them, otherwise they wouldn’t be omitted from some of their events

Watch some videos when they are together and be amazed at the brain washing that has obviously taken place with these individuals as they blindly follow these groups.

Leave this crap where it belongs, stop using American symbols as a tool to achieve your agendas which obviously is to piss off every other American around you, sure that will get their attention, but probably not in the way you would like. And it will certainly not achieve a positive outcome, it will not further your agenda, but it will fan the flames of opposition.

Take your gripes to the polls at elections, to your representatives, your senators you know, the ones who speak for the masses during lawmaking sessions. Try to work through the means given to you to help make change.

Trying to “delete” history by banning and burning our flags, destroying or removing statues and monuments just isn’t going to work, it will not erase history and like it or not they are all  part of our American history.

The change many seek in our country will not be gained by burning flags, taking down monuments that have stood for generations or even by these loud and many times unlawful protests and riots.

No ladies and gentlemen, the change you seek will not come from reeking havoc on society or trying your damnedest to take away our constitutionally protected rights, such as free speech, no it will come from only one place, and that place is from within ourselves, and it starts with all of us.

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