Pr-School Teacher says she will radicalize children

Warning: This video contains some “a lot of Liberal foul language.”

This story is a little old however in my opinion it’s implications are worth revisiting. At a Trump rally, a pre-school teacher addressing the crowd with a bull horn clearly depicts what is ushering through the crowd of Liberal extremists and many among the BLM movement.

In the video, she calls for white people to give them their property and all their money and its owed to them. She goes even further to say people need to die and explicitly states that the White House has to die and capitalism is to blame for all that’s wrong with the black race.

This woman is a prime example of why most of us do not and will not support the BLM and it’s hateful rhetoric that spews from their racist mouths. It’s bad enough they are teaching this BS to their own children generation to generation, let alone implementing their evil plan by brain washing others children.

In my opinion, people like this have no business teaching in any school where their poisoned dispositions are inflicted upon the innocent minds of young children or adults for that matter.

No matter how much nasty language people like this use, they are just simply too stupid to realize that we aren’t impressed with their vile nature , especially when they talk like this.

It certainly shows their immaturity as opposed to adult view points and re-enforces opinions about them being less than desirable participants in society especially in the teaching and public speaking arenas.

This woman is certainly emulating what we’ve talked about when we say kids are being programmed from birth. Hate for the White race of this magnitude shows a lifetime of building and shoring up of hatred of the White race.

And it shows by her very own words as she screams them to both black and white people “within her support crowd” and whats even more disturbing, is the amount of whites in the crowd that cheer her on.

They will never learn……



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