Charlottesville, Virginia shaken by “Unite The Right” rally

In the midst of a “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in protest of the cities plans to remove a monument of General Robert E. Lee from the grounds, horror became reality when a man, James Alex Fields, Jr. of Maumee, Ohio drove his car through the crowd killing one young woman and wounding several others.

Tensions between hard left and hard right protestors escalated before the event itself was actually started. President Donald Trump issued a statement condemning it

“in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides.”

-President Donald Trump

In response to his statement, people from both sides have attacked him and said his statement was too vague because he did not expressly call out or say the fault lied with the “white supremacist” nor did he state anything specifically using the word Antifa which would point to the far lefts group.

Other opinions are in the middle and have said that his statement was a fair one, and when he said both sides, the left really got what they have been demanding, “Inclusion” and they don’t like it, leaders of the far right had also commented an appreciation for the fact that he did not single or call them out specifically, but he was including them also.

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 22: Donald J Trump gives campaign speech at Trump SoHo on June 22, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/FilmMagic)

Of course some want to play this and say he is siding with the white supremacist group because he said “many sides”, however that isn’t the case, this President calls it for what it is, two groups of American people, with radical opposing viewpoints clashing with violence and he knows that.

This after all was to be a rally in which the white supremacist group had obtained permits to hold, and they have the right to a peaceable assembly no matter what you or I feel about it as we cannot say one side has the right to protest and the other does not. They should have been allowed to hold their protest peacefully.

The problem with this rally was that the “counter” protestors whom have had some success of late in shutting down free speech from more right of center conservatives, decided to deploy those same tactics against some of the most extreme far right individuals that are not at all afraid to reciprocate. And with a group of Leftist nasty agitators provoking the opposition by throwing urine and feces on them, there’s no wonder they were met with a lot of anger.

Putting an entire group of people in the same pot because one individual that reportedly wasn’t part of the group officially, committed a criminal act against the people at the rally and took the innocent life of 32 year old, Heather Heyer. would not be in keeping with their constitutional right even though some of these groups exhibit some of the worst among us.

We all let our emotions drive us but sometimes we must step back and take another look at what really is going on. Groups from both extreme sides many times have lost that ability and thus violence becomes their driving force. Our President knows this, and that’s why his statement was a correct one, because in this instance, it was, and was not “all inclusive.”

Some of these people on both sides most likely believe to a degree in what their respective groups stand for, however it doesn’t mean each and every single one of them are dangerous extremists, thus his comment about there were “good people on both sides”.

What’s clear is that there is no real easy answer to curb or stop these altercations, neither side will give In, and that inevitable fact will mean more protests will grow violent in the future, especially between the most extreme of these groups.

The biggest factor is provocation, like it or not there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when two opposing groups are gathered. Make your point, but stay in your space, don’t engage the opposing side in any physical means whatsoever, or you will put both groups at risk for a serious altercation.


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