New Bill Calls on Mike Pence to Ask for Donald Trump’s Resignation

Photo courtesy: Newsweek

Talk of unseating Donald Trump from the presidency erupted shortly after his shocking electoral victory. Democratic representatives called for his impeachment on the floor of Congress just four months into his tenure in the White House.

But the 25th Amendment provides another pathway for the president’s removal—and lawmakers want to use it.

Source: New Bill Calls on Mike Pence to Ask for Donald Trump’s Resignation

It never ceases to amaze me the levels at which the intolerable left will go to try and silence the conservatives and this piece is pure evidence of that fact.

Since the election the Liberals have engaged in an effort to oust our President by any means possible, they have accused him of everything from racism, treason, sexual assault, collusion and now being mentally incompetent to hold office.

After his comments about the violence in Charlottesville, in which I believe he stated the facts, Liberals have initiated another angle on their agenda to get the President out of office by stating his response was disturbing and that he had shown signs of some sort of mental incompetency.

Granted he isn’t the most articulate with his responses and speeches, but I believe that is because he isn’t a polished politician which is one of the reasons he is a favorite among many conservatives.

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