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    New Bill Calls on Mike Pence to Ask for Donald Trump’s Resignation

    Talk of unseating Donald Trump from the presidency erupted shortly after his shocking electoral victory. Democratic representatives called for his impeachment on the floor of Congress just four months into his tenure in the White House.

    But the 25th Amendment provides another pathway for the president’s removal—and lawmakers want to use it.

    Source: New Bill Calls on Mike Pence to Ask for Donald Trump’s Resignation

    It never ceases to amaze me the levels at which the intolerable left will go to try and silence the conservatives and this piece is pure evidence of that fact.

    Since the election the Liberals have engaged in an effort to oust our President by any means possible, they have accused him of everything from racism, treason, sexual assault, collusion and now being mentally incompetent to hold office.

    After his comments about the violence in Charlottesville, in which I believe he stated the facts, Liberals have initiated another angle on their agenda to get the President out of office by stating his response was disturbing and that he had shown signs of some sort of mental incompetency.

    Granted he isn’t the most articulate with his responses and speeches, but I believe that is because he isn’t a polished politician which is one of the reasons he is a favorite among many conservatives.

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    Sen. Cory Booker says he plans to introduce bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

    Senator Cory Booker on Wednesday said he would introduce legislation to remove Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol building. “I will be introducing a bill to remove Confederate statues from the US Capitol building,” he tweeted. The Capitol building’s National Statuary Hall Collection

    Follow the link below to get the full story.

    Source: Sen. Cory Booker says he plans to introduce bill to remove Confederate statues from Capitol

    So again here we have another Democrat who’s jumping on the bandwagon with all of the other “coo-coo for coco puffs” in an all-out attempt to erase American history.

    He, and others like him, believe that by removing these statues and monuments they somehow are removing racism. They have not figured out that racism is in the hearts of men, not in these inanimate objects.

    Many of these objects were put in place as a tribute or to honor the ones they represent, others may have had a more sinister reason for being erected and unfortunately for most of us we may never know the absolute truth and real reason behind some of them.

    Some of these monuments have stood for decades, some for over a century and the one thing that is certain is that it really doesn’t matter how we see them, they are a part of our American history, and they always will be.

    Each one of us today has the responsibility to teach the younger generations about our history, the truth about it no matter how painful it is, it’s very important for them to understand how we started out, how we have struggled throughout the years to become what we are today, and hopefully how what we do now as a people will pave the way or not, for a brighter and more fulfilling future for our children and grandchildren.

    Destroying, or hiding from plain sight, these magnificent monuments that are in some ways like the rings of a tree, represent time spans in our history for which many things came and went throughout the years.

    For Liberals, tearing them down, is a way for them to stick their heads in the sand, and pretend those periods in our history just didn’t happen at all, and here’s a news flash for them, “it will not rid our country of it’s racial problems”, on the contrary, it is more likely that these acts will intensify the disdain that opposing groups have for those who commit these acts.

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    Charlottesville, Virginia shaken by “Unite The Right” rally

    In the midst of a “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in protest of the cities plans to remove a monument of General Robert E. Lee from the grounds, horror became reality when a man, James Alex Fields, Jr. of Maumee, Ohio drove his car through the crowd killing one young woman and wounding several others.

    Tensions between hard left and hard right protestors escalated before the event itself was actually started. President Donald Trump issued a statement condemning it

    “in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides.”

    In response to his statement, people from both sides have attacked him and said his statement was too vague because he did not expressly call out or say the fault lied with the “white supremacist” nor did he state anything specifically using the word Antifa which would point to the far lefts group.

    Other opinions are in the middle and have said that his statement was a honest one, and when he said both sides, the left really got what they have been demanding, “Inclusion” and they don’t like it, leaders of the far right had also commented an appreciation for the fact that he did not single or call them out specifically.

    NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 22: Donald J Trump gives campaign speech at Trump SoHo on June 22, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/FilmMagic)

    Of course some want to play this and say he is siding with the white supremacist group because he said “many sides”, however that isn’t the case, this President calls it for what it is, two groups of American people, with radical opposing viewpoints clashing with violence and he knows that.

    This after all was to be a rally in which the white supremacist group had obtained permits to hold, and they have the right to a peaceable assembly no matter what you or I feel about it as we cannot say one side has the right to protest and the other does not. They should have been allowed to hold their protest peacefully.

    The problem with this rally was that the “counter” protestors whom have had some success of late in shutting down free speech from more right of center conservatives, decided to deploy those same tactics against some of the most extreme far right individuals that are not at all afraid to reciprocate. And with a group of Leftist nasty agitators provoking the opposition by throwing urine and feces on them, there’s no wonder they were met with a lot of anger.

    Putting an entire group of people in the same pot because one individual that reportedly wasn’t part of the group officially, committed a criminal act against the people at the rally and took the innocent life of 32 year old, Heather Heyer. would not be in keeping with their constitutional right even though some of these groups exhibit some of the worst among us.

    We all let our emotions drive us but sometimes we must step back and take another look at what really is going on. Groups from both extreme sides many times have lost that ability and thus violence becomes their driving force. Our President knows this, and that’s why his statement was a correct one, because in this instance, it was, and was not “all inclusive.”

    Some of these people on both sides most likely believe to a degree in what their respective groups stand for, however it doesn’t mean each and every single one of them are dangerous extremists.

    What’s clear is that there is no real easy answer to curb or stop these altercations, neither side will give In, and that inevitable fact will mean more protests will grow violent in the future, especially between the most extreme of these groups.


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    Pr-School Teacher says she will radicalize children

    This story is a little old however in my opinion it’s implications are worth revisiting. At a Trump rally, a pre-school teacher addressing the crowd with a bull horn clearly depicts what is ushering through the veins of Liberal extremists and many among the BLM movement.

    In the video, she calls for white people to give them their property and all their money and its owed to them. She goes even further to say people need to die and explicitly states that the White House has to die and capitalism is to blame for all that’s wrong with the black race.

    Warning: This video contains some “a lot of Liberal foul language.”

    This woman is a prime example of why most of us do not and will not support the BLM and it’s rhetoric that spews from it’s racist veins. It’s bad enough they are teaching this BS to their own children let alone implementing their evil plan in the brain washing of others children.

    In my opinion, people like this have no business teaching in any school where their poisoned dispositions are inflicted upon the innocent minds of young children or adults for that matter.

    No matter how much nasty language people like this use, they are just simply too stupid to realize that we aren’t listening to their foul rhetoric , especially when they talk like this. It certainly shows there immaturity as adults and re-enforces opinions about them being less than desirable participants in societies teaching and public speaking arenas.

    They will never learn……

    via GIPHY


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    Southern Heritage continues to be targeted by radicals

    Unfortunately in today’s America we are continuing to see a trend not only from Liberal groups but also our court systems that are eagerly seeking to destroy Southern American Heritage at every turn.

    The confederate flag and the movement by many to have it banned everywhere is perhaps one of the most controversial topics of the times.

    Proudly displayed by Confederate troops during the Civil War as their official battle flag, it still even today has long been on display by Southerners as a symbol of Southern Heritage, a statement by individuals that says they are “proud to be Southern born, Southern bred.”

    But for some, it stands for something else, a symbolic representation of a time when slavery was alive and flourishing in our country, and for these people, if you are among those of us that like to wave the flag, they see you as a supporter of black American slavery and nothing else.

    I think a more realistic view of this though is that for everything someone sees as a symbol of any kind, the symbol means to them what they want it mean and many times, what a specific group of people want it to mean.

    My point being, the Confederate flag is after all ” a piece of cloth” and as such, is inanimate and is a “thing” not a entity emulating some sort of emotion. You could take a group of say 5 people and ask each of them what the flag means, and they all could respond differently, or they all could respond the same and it all depends on one simple thing, and that’s how that person sees the object.

    And as it is for all things such as the flag being the focal point of this post, it simply means to each of us what we want it to, as a Southerner, I see it as a symbol of being well, Southern and all it represents to me is the fact that I live and work in the South and am a part of it and the flag just says proud to be Southern.

    I don’t think I ever thought about the confederate flag and slavery at the same time and until some idiot used it in a photo of himself just before heinously murdering several black folks while in their house of worship did it actually come under extreme attack by radicals and targeted as another opportunity to further their agenda to wipe out a part of the American culture and history.

    The flag itself is not symbol of hate or racism but rather the acts of racist people, irresponsibly using the flag during their despicable acts that has driven an association between the flag and hate by certain individuals or groups.

    Even more troubling is the fact that not only has the Confederate flag come under fire, but now radical leftism has included the US flag in it’s pitiful agenda, claiming it to be a symbol of oppression.

    In the video example below, you will see a prime example of how ridiculous these peoples mentalities are. Everyone has rights under the US constitution but they certainly don’t display themselves here as the ideal American citizen and the enormous amount of chaos in the video below is so incomprehensible, it’s very evident as to why there is very little cohesion between people with different viewpoints.

    Warning: This video contains some foul language.

    It’s really heartbreaking to see our people acting in this manner on both sides of the fence. Liberals screaming I cant breath means what?. Nobody is doing anything to them and yet they act as though we are still in the days of slavery which granted, was a dark and unpopular part of our history.

    Honestly for most blacks doing all of this protesting, their own worst enemy is usually themselves and whites taking part in the protest screaming at other whites about their “white privileges” is absurd.

    These people have no pride in being Americans, nor do they have any respect for the country or other people, demonstrated and acknowledged by their burning of the US flag (someone else’s property by the way)  and they never demonstrate respectively, they just want to be loud, they want free money in the form of reparations and they want the government to provide them everything for free, why? well because they believe since black people were used as slaves by some until 1880 when it was abolished that it’s owed to them by the white race.

    And these people today, some 152 plus years after slavery ended think they should live here free, not work, not contribute and whine about everything and it should be given to them. Kind of reminds me of whiny little kids that want their way, and if they don’t get it, then they throw a tantrum, just like what we see here.

    Leave this crap where it belongs, stop using American symbols as a tool to achieve your agendas which obviously is to piss off every other American around you, sure that will get their attention, but probably not in the way you would like. And it will never achieve a positive outcome.

    Take your gripes to the polls, to your representatives, your senators you know, the ones who speak for the masses during lawmaking sessions. Try to work through the means given to you to help make change. But trying to “delete” history by banning and burning our flags, removing statues and monuments just isn’t going to work, it doesn’t erase history and like it or not they are all just as much a part of our American history as apple pie.

    The change we need everywhere in our country today will not be gained by burning flags, taking down monuments that have stood for generations or even by these loud and many times unlawful protests and riots, no ladies and gentlemen the change you seek will not come from reeking havoc on society or trying your damnedest to take away our constitutionally protected rights, it will come from only one place, and that place is from within ourselves, and it starts with us.

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    Rep. Kathleen Rice: NRA Becoming ‘Domestic Security Threat’

    Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., said Thursday that the National Rifle Association and its spokeswoman Dana Loesch are “domestic security threats,” on Twitter.

    On the contrary, I think its people with a mentality like this that apparently would love to see our basic rights to keep and bare arms done away with. Fortunately the authors of our constitution had the foresight and wisdom to incorporate this inalienable right within the document.

    Infringement refers to the violation of a law or a right.

    The fact that its written is such a way that it prohibits people like this from taking away those rights by stating it “shall not” meaning it “will not” be infringed. One could also concur that any restriction to that right under its very definition could be deemed “A Violation of said right.”

    Read the full article in its entirety by following the link below.

    Source: Rep. Kathleen Rice: NRA Becoming ‘Domestic Security Threat’

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