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In Today’s chaotic political arena, it is vividly apparent that radical liberals have lost all concepts of common sense and are pushing more and more immoral and unconstitutional agendas, geared to strip us of our Liberties while hiding behind the premise of social justice and the belief that they can accomplish this in part by silencing the voice of traditional thinking Americans.

While their crazy ideals are simply insane to most of us, we must stay informed of these issues because we at some point may have to deal with being subjected to their total ludicrous nonsense and it is imperative that we have all the knowledge we can surrounding proposed bills or laws submitted and legislative actions they have in mind.

If we are to continue as a constitutional republic, passed on to our children and grandchildren, we simply cannot stand by silent and allow them to destroy what our forefathers and those that came before us created as a free nation.

We all understand there are many issues that deserve our attention whether it be concerns about climate change or the progressive wierdness we are seeing take place within our culture. There are opinions on both sides of the aisle and everyone has a right to theirs, even if we disagree with it. We must continue to have conversations about these concerns in order to try and come up with some positive solutions that will benefit us all.

That’s why I encourage everyone to stay silent no more, be a voice for what you believe to be right, a voice to be reckoned with and let those that are trying their best to destroy our American culture know, that the majority of what they have been proposing for the people of our country, is not what the majority of Patriotic Americans want.


“Get Out There And Be Heard”