RawTalk Radio is a audio podcast, some people call them a Internet or “Online” Radio Show. Podcasts are audio talk shows and unlike normal radio where you listen to a set program broadcast, a podcast is a downloadable MP3 file that can be saved to a smart phone, tablet or other like device using a podcast app. This allows the listener to download and listen to the show “on demand” or other words, when you get good and ready to listen. This allows the end user more flexibility and the shows fit around them instead of you having to listen at a specific time.


Your Host

As a Tennessee native, I grew up in the western part of the state, attended public schools and have worked as a professional skilled trades worker full time since 1977 so I’m no stranger to change, racial issues  and social cultural shifts although I generally try not to be vocal and get involved. Through the wonderful world of podcasting, I can share and voice opinions on many of these issues in a stress free environment allowing for a more open minded approach while exploring topics that concern us all.

The Show

I started this show as a way to share thoughts and opinions on many topics such as news and social issues and even throw in a little Bull every once in a while to have a little fun. Our opinions on many of these topics probably wont be the same, however I feel we still need platforms such as this in order to have constructive conversations surrounding these issues.

Be forewarned, words used by the far left like, bigot, fascist, racist any many others along with constructs simply do not affect my opinions on issues so don’t expect them to and they are subject to be banned on this site if they are abusive.


Audio and at some point video

Show Format: Primarily news and social, cultural topics with occasional side stepping to other interests such as movies, outdoor recreation and more. I did not want the show to have a single directive so it will be flexible as the mood strikes. Hopefully I’ll have something to share that many find informational, entertaining or just plain fun and can join in on.