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RawTalkRadio is a audio podcast that is mostly driven towards the traditional American way of life. I am not a progressive, nor a Liberal thinking person, I am an individual thinker, one who makes up his own mind about issues we’re facing in our country today.

Most of the topics I talk about could probably be considered controversial in nature by someones standards somewhere, however they are simply my thoughts and opinions, put together in an audio format to share with those that may have like viewpoints.

I try to stay objective as much as is allowable by the subject matter, however as the old saying goes, “you can’t fix stupid” so some topics are just too far out there to do anything with other than just be entertained by them.

I am not a politically driven individual, nor am I politics savvy, but I have found myself to have a little more interest in what’s going on with it as I get older.

Conversation is the only platform where some sort of balance can be obtained between two or more opposing sides. I hope I can in some small way help contribute to self expression while encouraging you to overcome your fears of just “getting out there” and sharing your thoughts and opinions with others.



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