Today’s immigration issues are among some of the top subjects in America and there’s a ton of opinions on both sides. Liberals as always, want open borders, no limitations on  immigrants even those that are illegal or undocumented.

Conservatives on the other hand seem to be all in favor of our presidents stand on the temporary ban on re-entry to the US from certain countries. His policy has met with severe scrutiny from the left, liberals, illegals and more even with a few Federal Judges ordering people not to comply with the order.

I find it somewhat odd that the people of this country seem to have no sense of fear of the terror that those whom wish to do us harm have inflected on Americans using the immigration program to sneak individuals into the country, mingled in with those seeking to escape persecution from their own countries or simply in hopes of a better way of life for themselves and their families.

Some come here illegally to work and to gain entitlements that they should never receive as undocumented, illegals. This practice of allowing immigrant workers to work the fields and textile industries has been going on for many years so this is nothing new and it’s a practice excepted by many American business owners as a way of cheap labor that provides these migrants substantial income to send home.

Liberals, with their “love everybody” mentality are blinded by their very own mindset that only conservatives or right wingers can be bad people because we simply do not agree with their “Full speed ahead” thought process that has absolutely no checks and balances in favor of “love everybody” and it will all be good. They have no idea that those whom wish to do us harm are counting on that very fact, many evil doers know American’s are compassionate, caring people for the most part and they use this to their advantage.

Remember Vietnam? well of course many of you don’t, your too young to remember and probably have a history based off of what others have told you. The Vietcong knew American soldiers loved children, so they used them, in horrific ways, like strapping bombs to them and sending them to a area where a large group of soldiers were congregated only to blow them all up.

The younger generation simply doesn’t understand that the world outside of our country isn’t the same, their view is often that all people everywhere are good and couldn’t possibly want to do us harm.

I think our President’s move to “pause” people from coming back to the US from questionable countries is definitely a good move. After all, “why are people going to these countries in the first place?” For years we have needed someone in office to pull back on the reins and say “Whoa” we need to take a closer look at this before we welcome it with open arms.

Liberals do not do that, they judge everything by their emotions, if it hurts their feelings, then it’s something that shouldn’t be tolerated and they will cry and scream to try and get their point across and in many cases they wont have a clue as to why they are crying and screaming, they just want to be loud and heard, even if there is no point to be made.

Conservatives and even people with neutral positions are simply asking that we “think” about these things and be proactive and not reactive to them. The issue around immigration is one of those that for many is a fundamental right and Liberals may argue those people have a right to come into the country.

They seem to all be willfully ignoring the fact that since these people aren’t citizens of the US, they have no rights under our constitution”.  So the argument that they have a “right” under the constitution to come here, simply does not apply.

They may have a “personal right” as a human being to seek a better life for themselves, but not at the expense of the safety of the American people. As long as due process if followed, and they assimilate to American law and culture, become a “legal” citizen that contributes to society and not another feeder off of the system, in other words, “BE” American, then, and only then, maybe I wouldn’t  have as much of a problem with it.

The alarming thing is that there is no way that 10’s of thousands of immigrants are fleeing persecution on a regular basis, 50, 100 or so, maybe, but thousands? it’s almost transparent that this amount of people is a smoke screen to let dozens, even hundreds into the US that have a sole purpose in mind, one that many of us feel will be disastrous to the country.

Liberals inability to see or question the possible dangers of this is simply irresponsible on their part and one has to wonder, “If we were in fact invaded or, if the illegal immigrants that wish to do us harm rise up against Americans, will the Liberal Love Lovers stand beside us and defend our country and it’s people, or will they turn on their very own in favor of the open arms, let everybody in mentality?”

Migrant looks over fence before attempting to scale it to the US

I don’t know what the answer is, but I know we as a nation are divided by ethnic groups, race wars, religious beliefs and many more Ideals that have driven wedges between all of our people. The question is, when it becomes necessary, will you defend your brother, your community, your country?

If you are a legal citizen of the US, this “IS” your country and it is your duty to protect it, it’s citizens and it’s way of life. If you don’t believe in that, then maybe, just maybe, The United States of America isn’t for you after all.



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