Presidential Candidates, Who’s Got The Best Game? – RTR004

As Novembers election’s are fast approaching us for 2016 I, like many am still wondering why we have been narrowed down to only two candidates with any remote chance of winning the office of President of The United States.

It’s even more troubling that the character of either candidate is somewhat questionable and most feel neither is suited for the office.

From ongoing investigations to social media mud slinging, it’s no wonder American’s have doubts and fears about either of these two holding the most powerful office in the nation.

There’s no question that conservative’s feel if Hillary Clinton wins, we will see more of the same or even elevated levels of what we’ve seen in the last eight years under President Obama.

On the other hand, many fear if Donald Trump wins, there will be more deportation of Illegals, more prejudice against women, Muslims, Mexicans and others here in the US.

While all of these issues are important, we guided by social media, have been directed away from the more important issues the office of President has to have as priority focal points such as National Security, Healthcare, Education, Poverty, Jobs, Economic health and more.

Obamacare has not been the best option for most Americans and we are being punished for not participating in a program forced upon the people of this nation.

One major concern is what will, if anything will be done about Obamacare, a healthcare program that was meant to provide a social healthcare system where everyone is covered by health insurance.

American’s not covered by employer based coverage plans must either enroll in Obamacare or face stiff fines for not enrolling. This is now verified and a part of our annual income tax return preparations.

Many providers though are now leaving the programs market place because of revenue losses incurred within the program or providers are raising the costs of the coverage’s they offer and are simply too expensive for most people.

Conservatives fear that if Clinton is elected, she will continue Obama’s trend in all aspects and lead a more pronounced attack on our 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”. This right is worded to protect the American citizen’s from overreach by the powers that be by stating “The Right Of The People Shall Not Be Infringed” meaning “will not” even though some in government would have you believe the Constitution is talking about the military stemming from the word “Militia”

The issue is simple though because the Militia being referred to IS THE PEOPLE organized together, barbers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makersĀ  in order to fight against all those that either invade or oppress the American people and their Liberties. That’s why it was put there, not to give military might more power “over” the people, but because of the possibility that any invasion or encroachment might happen, the people have the right to fight against it.

While we all find social media to be entertaining, it would be wise to note that some things we read are placed there as a means to distract us from whats going on behind the scenes. While we are entangled with a emotionally targeted post, our focus is deterred from the important issues such as bills on the table, trying to be pushed through while our focus is on something meaningless overall. Don’t let the media distract you from the real issues at hand.

So with that in mind, what’s going on with these two candidates? We’ve heard them both talk about immigration and how each feels about it. Trump wants to close the borders and Clinton wants them open.

Her position isĀ  most likely based on the fact we are all immigrant descendants with the exception of the American Indians whom were the original, indigenous inhabitants of this continent.

We’ve always had open arms to people fleeing oppression and tyrannical governments, seeking Liberty in the land of freedom. The thing is these days, people whom want to do us harm are playing on our sympathetic personalities as Americans and are infiltrating the country at an alarming rate.

From mass shootings to gang rapes, some immigrants that come here think they can carry out the same atrocities that have been mainstay in the countries they are fleeing, here on our own soil, and we aren’t seeing those stories at the top of the headlines where they should be.

When things get out of control, such as they are with immigration, it’s clear it’s time to pull back on the reins and just say WHOA, this has to stop until we get a handle on it and I think that’s what Mr. Trump wants.

We cannot continue to allow this magnitude of influx of immigrants from any other country, especially those identified as possible threats to the American way of life by protesting or making demands that parts of our culture are done away with because it hurts their feelings or they feel it’s racist or bigotry in some way.