You open the morning paper or read the online headlines and you see another story where a police officer has shot and killed a young unarmed black man.

smart phone
smart phones enable users to take video on the fly

The frequency of reporting these incidents are increasing most likely due to the availability of technology, specifically video from smart phones and more incidents are made available to the public every day across the country.

We cannot always take these video clips at face value though because we don’t always get to see the entire video footage, beginning at the very moment these altercations take place and so that means there’s usually more to the story that what we see and we should look for more details.

Most of these as seen on many social media outlets will depict a “helpless black male” perpetrator being shot by a police officer and is usually presented in such a way to make it appear the officer shot the person simply because he is black, however that is not generally the case.

I’m fairly certain that in almost all of these instances, there is a lot more taking place within the altercations than meets the eye. Most of the time the person either is resistive, doesn’t follow commands or in some cases actually attacks the officer.

This is usually a behavioral issue with the person and not that of the officer although we have seen times where an officer has been too aggressive and forceful with people in general, not just black Americans.

Many would have us believe otherwise, however I feel certain that law enforcement officers as a whole, do not want to be involved in a life or death altercation with anyone at any time.

Take this photo for example, the activist is most definitely trying to intimidate this officer by getting “inside his personal space” if he hadn’t been a police officer, trained to implement self control in a situation like this, this scene would quickly escalate in severity.

It’s generally known that people have a “safe” zone or “personal space” which is usually a distance of at least three feet that should be kept at all times between yourself and another person in order for that person to not feel threatened. Any closer and you become an aggressor.

Go inside that barrier and the person is immediately triggered to defense mode and from that point on, it really doesn’t matter what you have to say, or if you say anything at all, he or she is more focused on your movements than anything you may have to say. Protesting at this point is futile and meaningless.

These people in particular have no respect for themselves much less the rest of us and they couldn’t care less if they are impeding our personal space or not, it’s just not within them to respect it most likely because of the way they have been “programmed” since birth.

an officer is injured by protestors

It’s also alarming that these individuals are more and more showing a gross lack of respect for law enforcement but more importantly, a lack of self control and character when in the presence of a police officer.

When this happens, it is highly unlikely that any altercation that evolves will turn out well for one if not both people involved.

If the people of the legitimate movement (BLM) want to bring on any kind of positive change with these demonstrations, they are going to have to do a better job and find a way to do it peacefully and through the right processes so it can make a positive impact. Young, angry blacks are destroying this endeavor by hiding behind the skirt-tail of the BLM as a way to vent their anger, steal, loot and asault people during protest turned riots.

Law enforcement also needs to abandon the idea that they wont engage the protestors for fear of causing more riots as this is also counter productive and will only encourage them to do more damage as they go forward and why not? they wont be held accountable, they will destroy more and do as they please as they are aware no one is going to do anything about it.

America doesn’t like, want, need or except the BLM as a vessel for the black youth of America to reek havoc on it’s citizen’s and law enforcement, and as it grows in that direction, so does most Americans intolerance for it.

As for myself, I cannot and will not support a group of people who’s driving force is hate with the sole purpose of assaulting police officers or attacking white Americans for the long outdated excuse of the “White Man Owned Slaves” or “whitey owes the black man” mentality.

That is simply an excuse for many in the black community to continue fueling racial divide, maintaining their victim status and implying that there should be some sort of self guilt within the white communities of this country and whites should be paying them reparations.

All of our nation’s people likely have ancestors that suffered atrocities just as the black slaves did, however we don’t see them today, hundreds of years later using it as a cultural mapping tool with highly negative impacts on their own race like black people do even today.

It’s time for the “Slave” mentality teachings to just simply go away and for many of the people of the black community to stop looking for excuses to not be a productive part of society and for goodness sake, stop teaching your kids “whitey owes the black man mentalities”.

You are doing them harm and destroying their lives by telling them this garbage in order to instill within them, hatred for the white race. This also applies to whites and the teachings of their children against our fellow black Americans.

Instead, why not teach them about the many wonderful things that have been accomplished by our fellow black Americans and how they have contributed to our society? Teach them to make peace, not war against others and to not listen to those whom feed them poison about their fellow man. I wish this for all mankind, not just the black race because we all have those few that wish to keep the divide in place.

I think the BLM at it’s origin was a Ideal that had some credible merit as far as bringing to light a concern that something just seems too frequent when it comes to altercations between young black males and law enforcement. If nothing else, it brings to light the behavioral issues some people have when they are involved with law enforcement and how their very own actions may bring about negative outcomes in these situations.

The video above depicts some troubling attributes within the black community from some, but not all individuals that appear to have large support from many members of the white community. Although one has to ask why so many white Americans are indulging themselves in a lot of these protests when they are constantly being barred from many BLM events because they are white.

Unfortunately I think the public opinion of the movement has changed, viewed as having grown into something for those who want to do more poisoning of the minds of our black and white youth of today, and offers a avenue for delinquents to abuse the movement to reek havoc on society and unleash a lifetime of hate spawned by those who raised them and taught them to hate.

But don’t take my word for it, do your own research so you too can see and know this to be true, just start watching the coverage of these events and you’ll get all the proof you need that “The BLM Isn’t What They Want Us to Believe”

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