Man or Woman Transgender Identity Issues

As you all know we have recently seen another prelude to what is bound to be another “more to come” issue surrounding the use of public restrooms by people from the Transgender community.

They want to use public restrooms that correspond to the gender they identify with, and not their actual biological gender.

This has caused an outrage to many people within the US where concerns over the safety of young girls and women using restrooms or locker facilities might be compromised by men using the same facilities as the women are.

Recently, this issue was taken to a new level when in North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory signed into law, a bill that will force Trans-gender people to use the restroom that coincides with the gender on their birth certificate.

Civil rights groups immediately came out by storm to protest the bill which is known as the HB2 Bill, and they are demanding that Gov. McCrory repeal the law and make it null so Trans-gender’s can use either restroom they choose based on how they see themselves.

“however transgender people see themselves doesn’t mean they actually are the “sex” they identify with”

I think that’s a key point, “however transgender people see themselves doesn’t mean they actually are the “sex” they identify with”. They are, in my opinion the sex they are based on their anatomy, be it male or female so what they “mentally” identify themselves as being is not what they are in reality.

Their argument is that their “gender” identity choice has nothing at all to do with their “sexual orientation” so lets break that down. If their choice of gender identity has nothing to do with their sexual preferences, then how is it that a transgendered woman, being actually a male isn’t a possible threat to women in the restroom?

By MANY OF their own ADMISSIONS, they ARE still “sexually” attracted to women

With the aftermath following the signing of this bill into law, even the DOJ has addressed it by reaching out to Gov. McCrory and stating the law violates the Transgender community’s civil rights and therefore cannot be enforced and further communicated that the state could face loss of federal funding if the law isn’t repealed.

“it’s not like the Federal Government is trying to punish or disable North Carolina”.

Now there has been some correspondence on this where Sarah Preston, acting state director for American Civil Liberties Union stated “it’s not like the Federal Government is trying to punish or disable North Carolina”.

But, isn’t it? I mean if they aren’t trying to punish NC then why “threaten” to pull out federal funding? Isn’t that a threat? and they know it’s school children and their families whom eventually will suffer from the withholding of Federal funding along with many other state projects.

Unfortunately we are seeing the government use this tactic every time a state is unwilling to comply with their agenda, it’s used to force compliance which is a behavior also being seen utilized throughout the business and workforce world in our country today.

With this type of mentality, there are no “checks and balances” in society anymore, millennial’s and far left liberals who seem to be taking front stage, are possibly a good example of the effects of this. They are generally taught common decency at home, but many are at times oblivious to almost everything going on around them, it’s like they are in a world of their own, not in touch with what’s happening and really not caring or, at least it seems that way .

It’s a troubling thought for our youth these days to not be aware of what’s taking place around them and how it’s molding the country for their future.

Without morals and those checks and balances, this country is sure to go too far in one direction or another, I’m not saying violate anyone’s constitutional rights but I am saying, if we proceed without any thought about what’s right and what’s wrong and we “Include” every Ideal that comes our way, we will find our society one day to be nothing but utter chaos and a place without any common decency among it’s own people.

Most likely this case will be handled in the court system where I feel most likely,  North Carolina is sure to loose, we’ve seen it happen way too often due to the efforts of liberals and their “Inclusion” views on everything questionable by conservatives everywhere. My view is that of a hybrid, I’m for freedom of all Americans, but I have conservative views on issues I believe should have some boundaries that coincide with common decency within our society.

I think it’s also important to note that in a lot of research I did on this topic, there hasn’t been a lot of instances where transgender people have been prosecuted or even charged with instances of any kind of sexual assault to others in the restroom. There’s just no substantial amount of data to support the claim that they are a huge threat, however the possibility does exist.

I would wager to bet that you and I have shared restrooms with Trans people before and never knew it, how do you know you aren’t every day at work? Trust me, there are some Transgendered people that have gone to extreme levels to appear as the opposite sex and are almost impossible to know they are Transgender.

So in closing, Is this issue worthy of so much attention and news? I think it’s still important to most of us that we aren’t forced to abandon our sense of decency. I still say, boys in the men’s room and girls in the ladies room is the best and morally appropriate stand on this issue.


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