Kathy Griffin, a comedian has come under fire for posting a photo online that shows her holding up a mask that depicted a bloody, severed head of President Trump.

Griffin, during a press conference made an attempt to apologize stating yes, she had gone too far and she said she “moved the line and crossed it.”

Almost immediately after making the photo public in an attempt to offer humor to those that share her dislike of our new President, Griffin came under fire on social media for posting the image.

Being mostly conservative myself, I was surprised to learn that not only did my fellow conservatives condemn the disrespectful representation, but many liberals and people of neutral positions also shared negative comments about her awful display in a failed attempt to deliver a joke.

Kath Griffin on stage during a standup performance

Over the last few days, she has done several interviews where she has again attempted to apologize for the display, however she didn’t stop after the apology, instead she went further speaking to interviewers and has said that “he broke me” referring to President Trump and has gone on to allegedly say that his family is trying to destroy her career.

In all fairness Ms. Griffin, I think you did an outstanding job of that one all by yourself.

Along with the interviews, there has also been support for Ms. Griffin, people from the comedy industry as well as the film industry have come out to voice their opinions on the display and many have stated that we just need to get a grip, that comedians have been crossing the line for years and that it’s expected in many ways and is always performed as entertainment and nothing more.

I think even though that may be true, I feel like there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed unless your willing to put up with the aftermath that may develop afterwards.


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