After the latest school shooting that took place in Florida, teenagers are calling for more gun control laws and even a ban on guns all together.

They seem to not realize that they are pushing for their own rights to be taken away as well. A look into how kids allow their emotions to be their driving force while making themselves oblivious to the consequences of their very own actions.

It’s been extremely obvious within the last several years that young people have been programmed, whether intended or accidental, to base all of their thought processes on how they “feel” or driven by their emotions instead of a healthy balance including self thinking and logic.

They seem to also be driven by social media so much so that anytime a person comes up with some crazy protest idea, they are driven from within (from the programming) through social media, to be a part of these protests even if they don’t have a clue what there about, they just have a obsessive emotionally driven desire to “belong” which inhibits free thinking.

They many times will follow blindly, without question and their only understanding of the events that take place is that they were a part of it, even if they had no clue what it was about.

What if it were say extremely hot outside. Would their next protest be to get rid of the sun? or would some of them be willing to “think” about it and simply choose cooler activities to take part in. The point being of course is that simply because we are affected by something doesn’t mean it should be wiped from existence.

Tragedies such as these shootings that have happened across the nation and the world are hard for us all to accept and the immediate response of many groups is instantaneous, driven by a high level of emotions to do something, and since it was a shooting, then it was the gun that perpetrated this travesty and not an unstable individual.

They can’t seem to see that far, they just want it gone, and if that means disarming us all, they simply don’t care. But again, they don’t realize they are advocating the destruction of their own rights in the process.

Since their desire is to disarm the countries citizens, other pro 2nd Amendment rights groups have no choice but to fight them with all they have, never yielding, never giving in because as we’ve been told many times before in small sayings from our youth from others; “I give you an inch, you take a mile” and this holds true for these trying to take away our rights as free people.

Anti gunners will never stop at one segment of our right stripped away, they will continue until it is wiped away completely. And that is why we cannot ever stop fighting them in order to keep that right that was written in such a way within our countries binding documents as a right that “Shall Not Be Infringed” which means “Will Not” so there you are, we must keep up the fight without fail.