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Host / Ray Nolram

Rawtalkradio is an Op-Ed news and media resource for like minded people. In today’s America, we are seeing more and more of our traditional American values being striped away every single day by crazed agenda driven people and their networks.

Young Americans, trying to fit in, are in various opinions, being “programmed” by those that threaten our traditional way of life and are being misguided into believing that we should be a socialist society.

Never has the country been so divided as Republicans and Democrats face off each day, neither side willing to give an inch and stalemates now abound within our own governing bodies.

People at the polls used to vote for the candidates they felt were looking out for the peoples best interests, now they vote at least the majority of them based off of emotions driven by echo chambers.

People are being voted into office with per-meditated agendas, some believe they are simply out to destroy the country as we know it and a dully elected President #45 (Donald Trump).

Independents and Conservatives can no longer afford to sit back and be silent, we must be heard even when the SJW’s do their best to drown out our free speech efforts.

We simply cannot allow them that victory. Social media, podcasts and other media outlets along with our voting polls are a great way to combat those that wish to destroy our great country. I say to all that disagree with the current irrefutable socialist agendas that are targeting the destruction of our traditional American values.

“Get Out There And Be Heard”