Are you the head of an IT department in the public or private sector? Is your title CTO, IT director, vice president of IT, or something similar? You are invited to participate in the TechRepublic CIO Jury, a low-touch way to increase your influence in the tech industry.

Members of the CIO Jury receive an email once a month with a Yes or No question about an important issue in tech. The first 12 respondents to the message make up the “jury.” Those who respond with comments also get the opportunity to be quoted in a news story about the topic in question. These CIO Jury articles are used to inform business decision makers about the critical trends in the field.

This month, the CIO Jury question will be featured in an article on our sister site ZDNet. Here is the prompt:

The growth of the industrial Internet of Things—the use of internet-connected technologies to…

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