Photo: National Office Of Boy Scouts Of America
Photo: National Office Of Boy Scouts Of America

The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

Source: Boy Scouts May File for Bankruptcy: Report

Our Take

We saw the writing on the wall on this one when the Boy Scouts Of America changed their policies. After all, “Boy” Scouts means boys and while there is a delusional idealism going on in the country today as to what that means, the bottom line is that it was a youth organization for the development of boys.

Girls have Brownies (for younger girls) and Girl Scouts Of America for the older ones, same as Boy Scouts. The problem here is the “Inclusion” (I hate that word) of many out there that don’t really want inclusion, what they want is to destroy age old traditional organizations because they think there wrong.

The introduction of Gay leadership was the first problem, then came the inclusion factor again of allowing girls who think their boys to join the “Boy” Scouts.

This was problematic on all levels because no matter how you view it, Gays have a different way of viewing things and if young boys are being led by them, then it isn’t impossible to conclude that at some point, they may start emulating them and acting and talking like them.

Girls and boys have no business tenting or bunking together within these groups at all, plain and simple. And if the girls and boys are separated for sleeping arrangements (An acknowledgment of different sexes) then its self explanatory and self evident.

Then we have the Transgender inclusion factor which provokes a whole other set of arguments. How confusing it must be for young boys to see a girl dressed as a boy, trying to be a boy, but clearly is not a boy within their group, or maybe its the other way around, a boy who thinks he’s a girl, in the Girl Scouts program.

I think the short of this is boys should be with boys and girls with girls period. There’s no hatred for for these kids or adults whom are different, however there are lines that we shouldn’t cross just to appease their agendas of trying to get the rest of us to think of them as normal and how they are as normal, which is normal for them, but not for the rest of us.

I don’t believe it will ever happen no matter how hard they try. It is problematic in that these kids still need the ability to participate in quality programs like the scouts and maybe there’s an opportunity there somewhere for a couple of new organizations, better suited to serve these groups.

Lack of participation and changing times I believe has been the downfall of these organizations and I don’t think it’s directly related to Gays or Trans, I think kids these days just aren’t interested in the outdoors anymore.

They don’t have the desire to learn the ways of the outdoors man, camping and other outdoor activities because the generations have become gamers and such, more indoor driven activities prevail the youth of today.

Sadly, I believe were seeing the end of these programs because of lack of interest. Less boys joining the scouts or girls for that matter has led these groups to favor the idea of inclusion simply to increase participation.

The downfall is that parents of boys and girls don’t agree with these changes and now are not allowing their kids to join these programs because they simply no longer align with their viewpoints, and that’s Ok, it’s their choice and responsibility to raise their kids the way they see fit.

It’s really a hard situation for all involved, and I unfortunately don’t know what the answers are. I suppose the best answer is follow your heart and do what your conscious tells you is the right thing for you.

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