Large Wall Image
Photo: Wall stretches as far as one can see

Walls are nothing new…they’ve been around for centuries and there was a reason why each of them were built.

President Trump during his initial campaign promised Americans that a wall would be built to protect it’s citizens from the ever rampant influx of illegal aliens that has been an ongoing issue for decades.

In years past, the Democrats were also for a stronger border wall but for some reason as we have seen the party has moved away from its origin and it is not what the traditional Democratic party was.

The Transition

It’s said that the last “true” Democrat was President Kennedy and since his time in office, the party has gone in a different direction. These days, there is a more progressive group of people, mostly from the younger generation doing all they can to drive the American culture away from its foundation and towards what many of us see as a destructive path.

Feelings are their driving force and Socialism is the platform their pushing although by watching videos and news events, it’s clear they don’t quite get what they are asking for also affects all of them because they have segregated themselves from the general Traditional American population.

The Obvious Problem

Socialism doesn’t work, it’s been proven time and time again but these young people are too young to remember and are reluctant to listen to reason. They call for open borders, they couldn’t care less if people pouring into the country are illegal or not because well…their being humanitarians right?

They have certainly allowed their feelings to overrule their common sense, if they have that anymore because what they never talk about and simply seem to be totally unaware of is that everything they are demanding, will also directly affect them.

Hind Sight

You can’t have a tax just on the wealthy, it would be on everyone but they don’t get it. When they demand that no body has a right to private property, that is, it should all be communicable and available for whomever wishes to take it, doesn’t seem to register to them that their very own property will also be up for grabs.

Nothing they do is for the people as a whole, its always for the progressives, its always “we’re suffering and don’t have any money because of our parents and the baby boomers” No, its because you have been programmed to believe that you can become a slave to a student loan for 30 years and at the end of school you’ll have a job with six figures.

Or maybe you feel you shouldn’t have to work for what you have, like your parents did, otherwise you wouldn’t be pushing for laws that will ultimately take away from you everything you have as well, even if you didn’t work for it. They take it, because it’s there and they want it. Sounds peachy doesn’t it…? Yea, I didn’t think so.

Border security is no different, what we’re dealing with in this generation is this years version of the 60’s “Flower Child” and the “Hippy” revolution. They are extremists, and they fall victim to the band wagon of the day so to speak. They suffer from a strong felling of needing to belong, and they will go along with anything, even if it makes no sense at all.

Why It Matters

Illegal aliens, illegal drugs, sex trafficking and gangs and gang activity are just some of the most vile things that are directly related to an “Open Border” and it simply must be stopped. Most people, including Republicans have stated they aren’t against legal immigration but it’s clear that they do not want illegal immigrants swarming across the border as they have for decades.

Americans want the country safe, illegals cannot continue to be allowed open passage into our country, UN-vetted, taking advantage of tax payers by illegally gaining access to government programs to provide housing and free food and more at our expense. For years we’ve been wide open for these free loaders and its high time we put a stop to it.