“I will be starting the prerequisite courses needed for a MS in Computer Science next week. I am looking to see if anyone has any solid advice on where I could take this as a career with my background.

Quick synopsis of my background:
-12 years operations background within retail, logistics, and military operations
-4 years technical project management/project engineering
-BBA in Marketing/Finance-MBA in International Business
-Many MIS courses, but nothing super technical

Within my CS degree, I will have the option to also pursue a graduate certificate in either Data Science or Cybersecurity.

I know that a lot of career options will come from my interests, but I am looking at what would be logical with my background, and the fact that I will be 39/40 when I try to transition into the field. To me, it seems like IT Management or something similar would likely be the place where I can parlay both my background and these new skills together. The other issue is that I am concerned about…

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