Is the ZOOM LIVETRAK L8 better than the RODECASTER PRO?

Can the ZOOM LiveTrak L8 actually replace the RODECASTER PRO while being $200 less? A complete unboxing and review of the LiveTrak L8 as well as a comparison between the two mixers.

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Who will reign as the go to interface for content producers?
Does the LiveTrak L8 have any drawbacks?

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Buy the Rodecaster Pro (Canada)


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User Review - ZOOM LIVETRAK L8
  • Setup
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Infinite Adjustments
  • Overall Experience


  • Sound Quality – Good
  • Build Quality – Plastic, very light feel to unit however controls work well.
  • Setup – A bit more complicated than the Rodecaster, but not a huge learning curve.
  • Infinite Adjustments – More are available than on the Rodecaster but not overly so.
  • Overall Experience – Good – Depends on your needs as for which to go with, both are good units with the Rodecaster having the edge in quality, setup, display and functionality. The Zoom feels like it’s geared more for music production than podcasting, but would work for podcasting also.
User Review
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