Lauderdale Community Hospital
Lauderdale Community Hospital Closes Until Further Notice

The Lauderdale County Hospital’s emergency room is closed to patients as hospital administrators grapple with a cash flow problem and are unable to pay employees.

Source: Lauderdale Community Hospital closed until further notice

This is a serious concern for local residents and patients where they like other rural communities depend on their emergency care on a daily basis.

Lauderdale County TN Community Hospital is but one of many small community Hospitals that have been forced to close because of misappropriation of funds and very questionable financial management practices  by the current owners.

Doctors and employees of the Hospital aren’t being paid and haven’t been for some time. This has strained the Hospital and the staff has stayed as long as they can without compensation. They, like the rest of us must be paid in order to support their families just like the rest of us do.

The Hospital as everyone knows, is a resource we simply cannot afford to be without. Hopefully under new management at some point, we can regain one of our most important assets within the community.