Marvel’s End Game Trailer

End Game, What Fate Lies Ahead For Our Super Hero's

For kids throughout the years, and I do mean for decades, comics have provided a great way for them to explore new worlds while anticipating fun and fascinating new adventures.

Marvel’s Avengers is but one of those great installments and it has been a wondrous adventure to say the least, so when End Game was released, I wondered “What could this title mean.

Little did I know this film would leave me asking “Why?” as the movie worked towards its awful climatic scenes.

As a young boy, I went to the drug store, often on Saturdays with my mother to pick up medicines and other items we needed. While there, she took care of business while I gazed over the magazine rack, filled with the latest comics.

It was an exciting time, a few minutes in the window seat with the bright sunshine gazing in. I was cooled down with a treat, an ice cold cherry Coke, with shaved ice of course in a classic Coca Cola glass.

Comics made our imaginations run wild with notions of becoming super hero’s ourselves as their stories uplifted us and gave us hope that good would always overcome evil.

As End Game came to its final shots, an overwhelming feeling of despair came crashing down, many if not all of our hero’s were defeated and most destroyed it seemed.

A very disappointing kid, now an old man, left with a whole where there were always the heoro’s battling it out with the bad guys and somehow coming out on top. This film however turned the page on that hope and the darkness seemed to take over.

Maybe the writers are proud of themselves for their last installment, I hope they are, In the end I still feel they crossed a line they never should have with End Game.