Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

The online giant retailer Amazon has pulled out of the deal for a new headquarters in New York which would have created thousands of new jobs for Americans.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez claims that the city would be subsidizing the jobs however this isn’t true according to Morning Joe and his guest Joe Scarborough’s responses.

Her claim was the city would be footing the bill to a tune of three billion dollars for those jobs however, as these reporters state it is an incentive deal for bringing in those jobs and tens of millions in revenue.

Cortez said they could better utilize that three billion to fund subway repairs and create new jobs.

She, and her group of Democrats have been criticized for putting their political interests above the best interest of the people of New York because she simply doesn’t understand the basics of economics.

This was certainly a bad outcome that was most likely again driven by the progressive liberals own political views, and as Scarborough stated is a huge plus in making sure our current president will again win the oval office in the 2020 elections.

So to that end, many of us would like to give a huge “Thank You” to Cortez for helping to “Make America Great Again