PETA’S At It Again With Another Insane Demand

Now PETA wants pet owners to stop using the word "Pet" and "Owner" because it's offensive to animals

PETA is always demanding something and now it seems they don’t want us referring to our furry animals as “Pets.” We’ll “PET”a, are you also going to change the name of your organization to something more acceptable to you like “Companions”, “Fur Friends?” I think not.

Why is it that you simply cannot remove yourself from trying to tell people how they must feel towards, and talk about animals? Your offended if people use the word owner, implying as you put it, “a transaction” which it does in some cases but not all pets are purchased. And if they are, so what!

Most common sense people just do not buy in to this mentality you keep trying to indoctrinate to society, pets have been around through the ages, and without a single complaint from one of them because they were referred to as a “pet” and i highly doubt one ever will.

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