After a lone shooter kills 17 people at a Parkland Florida school including students and teachers, President Trump holds a listening session with students, teachers and parents.

The father of one of the victims made a very compelling speech on student safety at schools without ranting or making gun control the focal point of the session.

While he may be in favor of more gun control, I think his primary focus was safety for kids and teachers while at school. Even in one of his darkest hours, he stated that

gun laws can be talked about later, right now, it’s all about our kids safety.

I think that’s a very good approach, after all that’s whats most important here, the safety of our kids must come first, discussions about gun laws can come later.

The President did a good job listening and I commend him for taking time to listen to these parents, teachers and kids. His responses were genuine and I think he will work towards some means of helping to improve the conditions that contribute to horrific events such as this one.

It did not take long though for people whom dislike our President to come out across media platforms attacking him with negative comments. Most criticize him for his use of “Que cards” while engaging the students and teachers stating he couldn’t hold a discussion without prepared questions designed for a specific answer.

I think he wanted to have a few questions noted that might be of greater interests and didn’t want to not offer a way to address some of those he felt might be most important.

At least he listened and offered ideas on some possible avenues to take towards improving or implementing helpful solutions.