Rode RodeCaster Pro / Pod Mic

Rode's "Rode Caster Pro" is a studio in a box production piece of gear that Podcasters will rave over.

This clip is covering the Rode Rodecaster Pro and the “Podmic” microphone from Rode. A less expensive alternative to many other microphones that provides good audio sound for use in podcasts.

Note: As an owner of the Rodecaster Pro myself, I will tell you that this unit does not work well with a Windows PC below Windows 10.
That’s not to say it doesn’t work as it is a stand alone unit, however recording into a DAW on a windows machine below windows 10 is problematic in that it will not recognize the Rodecaster as an audio resource.

I generally use Audacity or Reaper for a DAW and neither software sees the Rodecaster as a audio input, so there will be issues if you run Windows 8.1 or below. For me i simply can’t justify purchasing another PC just to get Windows 10 to use the Procaster so I wont be using it and may put it up for sale.

Rode should give some thought to creating it’s own drivers for this unit. Sad conclusion for those of us that aren’t W10 users, but there you have it. It boils down to being a $600.00 digital recorder basically at this point.


So I have to crawfish and state that I did go ahead and purchase a copy of Windows10 and installed it on my PC. After that, the RodeCaster Pro works like a charm. The latest firmware update has tons of new features and “infinite control” over your audio settings, so cudos to Rode for working with their customers and listening to their concerns and wish list about and for this product.!

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