RODECASTER Pro — a Not-so Technical First Impression – Podcasting Equipment

After a one month test, I’m excited to share my first impression of the new RODEcaster Pro from RODE! This is some of the most exciting podcasting gear and equipment I’ve seen in a while.

RodeCaster Pro (this is an affiliate link):

Here are timestamps for you below for your convenience:
1:18 – First Thoughts and how it’s organized
2:28 – The touchpad
3:50 – Size
4:15 – Price
4:54 – TEST / DEMO
7:59 – Podcast Transfer

What are your initial impressions? Have you gotten your hands on one yet, or do you plan on getting one soon? Let me know in the comment section below. And please subscribe if you haven’t already, we have a lot more non-technical equipment and gear reviews coming up for you:


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