RODECaster Pro Beta 2.1 Firmware Released With BIG Feature Improvements!

We have asked and RODE has listened! A major new update to the RODECaster Pro and companion app for podcasters. You'll be thrilled!

RODE has released a “BETA” version of the firmware for the RODECaster Pro that has opened up a lot of new granular settings for Podcasters that want more control over the way their Podcast sounds.

In the new version, there’s a single companion app that does the updates instead of having to also run an updater and companion app process, now it’s all done via the companion app itself.

The companion app has new features, it now has an audio window with audio frequency curves that add a visual experience for the granular changes made to your audio. A pretty neat feature indeed. It also has a setting to make the companion app have a smaller footprint on smaller screens such as laptops or tablets so it takes up less of your viewing area.

New Features:

  • Small footprint for laptops and tablets
  • Audio frequency curve window
  • Infinite adjustments for;
    • Compression, you can now change the amount of compression, attack and release, threshold and ratio.
    • Noise gate, you can now change how fast and how hard the noise gate works, take care to not go too far as it will “clip” some softer spoken words.
    • De-Esser, can be adjusted, just be careful to not go too far as it will degrade the audio, giving it a dry, dead sound.
    • Hi-Pass, can be adjusted to the kilohertz settings you prefer.
    • APHEX, aural exciter and big bottom can now be adjusted to your preference.
    • Reverb (new feature), has been added to the RODECaster.
  • Functions:

  • For some settings like the APHEX, when making changes to those, the exciter window shows first, there wont be an icon for the big bottom settings, instead, the screen has been given a “swipe” function so, to get to the big bottom, you simply swipe the screen to the left to access it’s settings. This works in many of the functions with more than one setting.
  • Over Dubbing- Over Dubbing has been added so you can now record multiple sounds over one another for a mix such as you might use for a stinger or drop.

There are several more new features that are explained in the video above and I have to say they are all great new options for us podcasters, especially if you want more control over your audio sound. RODE recommends to not use this version on live shows although its been well tested, they note it may still have a few bugs not yet worked through.

It appears to function very well so far, and the only thing I’ve noticed is a few windows have a settings icon that has no function in that clicking on it does nothing. That may be an area not addressed as yet, or a bug. Either way I;m confident they will figure it our as this version matures.

I’m impressed that RODE is listening to the input of recommendation for new features from the Podcasting world and is trying to implement those, or many of those  features into this fantastic product.  Cudo’s to RODE for making an already fantastic product greater!

If you want to try out this latest BETA version you can visit RODE’s download page here and look for your platform (Windows or Mac) at the bottom of the page.


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