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Tennessee Lawmakers Plan to Keep Military Style Rifles, High Capacity Magazines Available

His time in the Marines made Kevin Madachik a fan of the AR-15 rifle. It's why he built his own when he left the service but he doesn't get why it's such a controversial gun.

I just don’t understand there would be a fear of this particular gun the way it looks, said Madachik. There’s a new effort in Tennessee to ensure people continue having access to guns like the AR-15.State Representative Joe Carr filed a bill to make it a crime for Federal Agents to enforce any new bans on military style rifles or magazines.

It’s our intent to push back on the Federal Government’s ever increasing encroachment not only over personal liberties but on our state sovereignty, said Carr. Tennessee is not New York. We’ll let Governor Cuomo speak for New York and let the citizens of Tennessee Speak to the Tennessee General Assembly with regards to whether this is a good idea.

Some Democrats already say it isn’t. Representative Sherry Jones scoffs at the idea local authorities could arrest Federal Agents for enforcing gun laws. I think it’s an attempt to get some publicity, said Jones. We can not say that we’re gonna charge a Federal agency with a misdemeanor for enforcing the laws of the country. Carr’s bill still needs to pass the State Legislature and possibly legal challenges.

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