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What Am I A Liberal or A Conservative? (Featuring Elad) – EP 17

On this episode, the hosts discuss many political policies and topics with guest, Elad. He gives his stance on football, abortion policies, the environment, gun control, Black community’s trust in the police, his disdain for Colin Kaepernick, and do the police have an inherit bias when dealing with Blacks, as well as NYC politics, his stance on marijuana, outlawing abortions, toxic masculinity. The hosts then get into do Donald Trump’s latest tweets attacking Rep. Elijah Cummings Of Baltimore; calling it “unlivable” and “rat infested”.

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Listen to host, Kerstyn (@kerstynj) and her co-hosts, Maxine (@maxine.outerbridge) and Chris (@conservative_in_ny) debate political topics affecting people of color.

Politricks Podcast is a weekly show that features lively political commentary that interconnects the Black and Brown experience. The show offers contrasting views in a unique exchange of political ideologies through respectful debate. Join two Liberals co-hosts, Kerstyn Dioulo and Maxine Outerbridge with Conservative co-host, Christopher Wright in nuance conversations about cultural relevant, political news and social commentary affecting people of color. The Politricks podcast offers a space for sociopolitical differences and empowers the marginalized communities to take a stand and get involved in the political structure as well as in their respective communities. New episodes released Wednesdays on Anchor, Apple, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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